Country-specific ETFs for the CEE Region

The easy, liquid and cost-effective way to invest in the CEE markets


The 11 exchange traded funds (ETF), managed by Expat Asset Management, provide country-specific exposure to the CEE region for international investors, both institutional and individual.

The funds passively track the performance of the main equity indices of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, North Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece.

All of these funds are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, 5 of them are traded on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, and one on the London Stock Exchange.

The listing of these ETFs on several European stock exchanges, including the financial centres of London and Frankfurt, ensures that international investors have an easy and cost-effective way to control their exposure to specific countries in the region, overcoming deficiencies such as the lack of liquidity, lack of access, cross-border settlement issues, high execution costs, large spreads, and other technical factors typical for many of these markets.

Expat's 11 passive ETF on the Europe map
CountryFund NameIndex
PolandExpat Poland WIG20 UCITS ETFWIG20
Czech RepublicExpat Czech PX UCITS ETFPX
SlovakiaExpat Slovakia SAX UCITS ETFSAX
HungaryExpat Hungary BUX UCITS ETFBUX
SloveniaExpat Slovenia SBI TOP UCITS ETFSBI TOP
SerbiaExpat Serbia BELEX15 UCITS ETFBELEX15
North MacedoniaExpat Macedonia MBI10 UCITS ETFMBI10
RomaniaExpat Romania BET UCITS ETFBET
BulgariaExpat Bulgaria SOFIX UCITS ETFSOFIX
GreeceExpat Greece ASE UCITS ETFATHEX Comp.

ETFs’ Main Characteristics


Passive equity index trackers

Open-ended, providing daily liquidity

Using direct physical replication

Reinvesting dividends

Quoted in EUR

How to invest?

The ETF’s shares are traded on the stock exchange as any other shares.
Contact your investment broker or asset manager for support or find the ticker on your trading platform.


Easy and convenient macro play

Investors buy all the companies from the index. There is no need to devote time and resources to analyze, pick and follow individual stocks.


Exposure to the largest and most liquid stocks on the relevant CEE stock exchange. Diversification lowers the volatility of the investment.

Superior liquidity

The market makers maintain buy/sell quotes and ensure that the shares can be traded at any time. The access of trading on several stock exchanges additionally increases the liquidity.

Low transaction costs

It is cheaper to invest in one instrument rather than in shares of multiple companies.

European regulations

The Expat ETFs are fully compliant with the UCITS Directive of the European Union.


The ETFs portfolios are published and updated daily on Expat’s website:


Expat Asset Management

The ETF operator in the CEE Region

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