Expat Croatia CROBEX UCITS ETF invests in the shares of the companies included in the CROBEX Index. This is the main equity index of the Zagreb Stock Exchange and consists of 18 companies. 

Country: Croatia



Ticker: ECDC

The indicative net asset value of the ETF (iNAV) can be found here (ISIN iNAV DE000A2LZV03).

The ETF invests in all CROBEX companies in proportions closely matching those of the index and within the legal limitations. The return of the fund follows that of the index, i.e. if the Croatian market goes up, the market value of the ETF shares would increase proportionally.

How to invest?

The ETF’s shares are traded on the stock exchange as any other shares.
Contact your investment broker or asset manager for support or find the ticker on your trading platform.


Easy and convenient macro play

Investors buy all the companies from the index. There is no need to devote time and resources to analyze, pick and follow individual stocks.


Exposure to the largest and most liquid stocks on the relevant CEE stock exchange. Diversification lowers the volatility of the investment.

Superior liquidity

The market makers maintain buy/sell quotes and ensure that the shares can be traded at any time. The access of trading on several stock exchanges additionally increases the liquidity.

Low transaction costs

It is cheaper to invest in one instrument rather than in shares of multiple companies.

European regulations

The Expat ETFs are fully compliant with the UCITS Directive of the European Union.


The ETFs portfolios are published and updated daily on Expat’s website: www.expat.bg.


Expat Asset Management

The ETF operator in the CEE Region

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